A frozen day in Knapstad

I spent Saturday in Knapstad at my friends place.

We went out to shot during the afternoon, and it was very cold. I forgot to wear my winter shoes, so my toes was frozen stiff when we got back inside. 

We got maybe 30-40 minutes of good light, because the sun sets very quickly during the winter months here in Norway, but we both got some pictures that we were happy with. 

I tried to process one of the pictures I took as a BW, I dont do a lot of BW photography but sometimes its fun to try. The forrest of Knapstad really is awesome, with huge farm fields surrounded by trees, and a lot of paths you can take to walk into the woods. We didn't bother going to deep into the woods because it was getting dark pretty quick, but its absolutely a place I want to go back to and check out. Next time I'm going to remember to wear proper clothes though, I might be a Norwegian viking, but 6 degrees bellow 0 in sneakers and jeans is freaking cold. Hopefully it won't be to long before I'm able to go out and do some more shooting, but the weather isn't really much to brag about at the moment. So until next time, have a good one!