Storesand Beach Hvaler

I really haven't been able to get out and do much photography lately. The weather has been bad, and I started a new job in January so I have had to focus on that. But now, as we enter March I'm hoping we will soon get some days with great weather so I can go outside and spend some time in nature doing what I love. 

A couple of weeks ago there was some clear weather and I took a trip to Storesand beach, its a lovely place during the summer,  and it was nice enough now during the winter as well. 

The fun thing, and coolest part of Storesand is the shed that they have built, using only materials that have washed up on the shore. I think its kind of creative, and it really catches your eyes. 


This is the same picture that I have on my front page and was taken during another trip, but this is the shed at Storesand beach. 

The light the day I went out there a couple of weeks ago was pretty boring, so I only got that selfie picture at the top. (My first selfie, haha) But any day I get to spend outside in the nature is a good day, no matter if I get a picture or not. 

Hopefully I will be able to get out more soon, so until then have a great time!