A gorgeous sunset at Viker

Finally I was able to go out and do some shooting again, I dont even remember the last time I did it. The last couple of months when I have been using my camera its been to take some snapshots and candid photos of my family. But my passion for photography came as a part of my love for nature, so to finally be able to go outside alone and do some shooting again was so sweet.

I got to take my first panorama as well last night, but I'm not able to upload it here, I get an error when I try. Now that spring is truly upon us, and the weather is getting better and the sun stays up for longer I hope to get out a lot more. I also have a goal that I will do at least five wild camping solo trips this year, and I'm stacking up on camping gear! 

But anyways, it was nice to go outside again, it would have been an awesome night out without the camera as well, but I'm glad I had it.


So until next time, have a good one!